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2002-05-06 Jonathan M. Liles 

	* util/genvim: added syntax folding.
	* Makefile.in, util/genvim: generate vim syntax from documentation.
2002-05-05 Jonathan M. Liles 

	* kernel.c: fixed call to term_restore

	* doc/stoical.1: added man page

	* hash.c (hash_next): fixed member descent

	* strings.c (interpolate): added mode option

	* words.c (compile): run regex's through interpolate mode 1
	* util/docex: build one big file instead of many small ones

	* debain/: added debian package support
	* Makefile.in, src/Makefile.in, config.h.in,
	configure.in: Use autoconf
	* all: Built and tested on FreeBSD 4.5
2002-05-03 Jonathan M. Liles 
	* NEWS: Version .06 released
	* words.c: added SEEK
2002-05-02 Jonathan M. Liles 

	* words.c: New type checking system.
	* kernel.c: No warnings with -Wall.
	* kernel.c: Much more informative output on errors.

2002-04-29 Jonathan M. Liles 

	* words.c: All flow control is now based on code blocks (clauses).
	* debug.c, signal.c: Informative diagnostics displayed on exceptions.
2002-04-23 Jonathan M. Liles 

	* hash.c, hash.h,
	words.c: Support for dynamically sized, hash based associative arrays.
	* doc/words: Documentation now generated from source code.
	* vim/: Vim syntax highlighting files included.
	* kernel.c: Intelligently accept command line arguments.
	* doc/Stoical: Now with -gasp- general documentation!

2002-04-19 Jonathan M. Liles 

	* NEWS: Version .02 released.
	* dict.c: Better memory management for vocabulary entries.
	* words.c: Full POSIX compatible regular expression support.


Copyright (c) 2002 Jonathan Moore Liles